Here are some of our most popular groups, but what do you need? We'll find it,

WELCOME RECEPTIONS THE COLONEL One man band playing Latin & Island Rhythms. DUO CARIBE Duo with congas. Upbeat rhythmic and mellow Caribbean sounds. JIMI VELAZQUEZ. One man band featuring live guitar & vocals. THE DON BAASKA TRIO Playing music from his “FROM PUERTO RICO WITH LOVE” CD give-aways, Autographed. TRIO LOS ZAFIROS Traditional Latin guitar trio with beautiful vocal harmony. SABROSO Piano, bass & drums.Trio playing Latin, Reggae & Caribbean jazz. TROPIC MAGIC 6 piece with sax and flute. Island music, Latin jazz and classic music of Puerto Rico. JACK WARREN’S STEEL BAND Organic, unamplified real down island steel band. 6 muscians play 9 steel pans plus drums & percussion. Can combine with limbo show and limbo contest with audience participation. THE BEACH BUMS Great Duo! Beach party music. Both sing. DJ DAVID has thousands of recordings in every genre and is a great MC besides. Lights and smoke and all the goodies. FORMAL RECEPTIONS, COCKTAILS & AWARD DINNERS.SPECIAL REQUESTS AWARDS MUSIC, MUSIC FOR THEME PARTY'S BAASKA & SCAVELLI QUINTET. Variety, featuring Valli on vocals. Standards, Swing and Cabaret DON BAASKA Grand or digital solo piano. Elegantly styled standards and international favorites. HARPIST Classical & semi-classics. CLASSICAL GUITARIST. SOLO GUITARIST playing bossa novas, boleros and soft jazz. LOS ROMANTICOS Strolling Violin, Accordion, Bass Trio. CLASSICAL STRING QUARTET. SOMETHING COOL Piano, Bass, Guitar. Variety.Great Standards, jazz. Vocals by Valli Scavelli SWEET & HOT 5-10 PC Variety. Standards Swing, Latin Jazz, Salsa etc. Awards Music. HIGH ENERGY DANCE GROUPS EXTASIS 6- 10 PC. Four great musicians with the 2 girls out front. Showy contemporary dance. Equally strong Latin repertoire. ECLYPSE 5-8 PC. Wonderful Voices. Get up & boogie! RPM Best party band on the island. If they don’t dance to Willy Roman and the gang. they’re dead!. 5- 8 PC JOHN SANTANA 5 or 6 pieces all styles with vocals from Sinatra to Rock & Motown. DANNY & THE GROOVE Rock, R&B. latest Dances. Male & Female vocals. 4–10 musicians with Danny out front on drums and lead vocals. ALDO & TROPICAL HIGH One of PR’s most celebrated Singers & MCs. Contemporary American & Latin rhythms. Interacts with audience teaches salsa & merengue.8-12 muscians. ORQUESTA LA CRIOLLA Puerto Rican and Cuban rhythms. Salsa, merengue, danzon. Charanga instrumentation, with 2 to 4 Violins flute, strong rhythm section and 3 singers out in front. CESAR CONCEPCION ORCHESTRA 19 PC. Great band! In The Mood Swing & Salsa and merengue. QUIQUE TALAVERA 14 PC Elegant in their white dinner jackets playing American and Latin ballroom dance favorites for that formal evening. ORQUESTA SONORA PONCENA 15 PC. Featuring Recording Star PAPO LUCA SHOW TIME ( We have more. Theme parties, B’way, & Shows esp. for your group ) One of out most funfilled theme parties is PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. THE CULTURE OF PUERTO RICO FIESTA FOLKLORICA The flavor of Puerto Rico. Colorfully costumed. 3 costume changes & Dances of P.R. 5 Musicians, 10 Dancers. . 45- 60 min. show followed by Audience partcipation . FLAMENCO SHOW Rosario Galan and her troupe. Authentic Flamenco at it’s best. TUNA CASCABELERA Colorfully costumed as Spanish 17th century troubadors 5 to 8 musicians play string instruments and sing. They stroll and/or do a 20 minute show/ JUAN CARLOS, Solo Flamenco Guitar, Vocals, Great with the Audience! 45- 60 min. or his full show with 4 SHOW GIRLS & 1 FLAMENCO DANCER. CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL INTER-ACTIVE MEET & GREET - CHILDRENS PUPPET SHOW, CARICATURIST, DJ’S, LIMBO SHOW, FIRE EATER, MOKOJUMBIS, BIGHEADS, ARTISANS VEJIGANTES, CIGAR ROLLER, GAMES, ZULU DRUMMERS, PLENEROS, CLOWNS, FACE PAINTING TROPICAL BIRDS, CARMEN MIRANDA SHOW PHOTOGRAPHERS, LIGHTING GRAND PIANO RENTALS, Catering by CHEF MICHAEL, & CHEF GLADYS. WEDDINGS (NonDenominational Minister ). Can coordinate. OFF SITE VENUES, (Hacienda Siesta Alegre is recommended ) Progressive entertainment pgm’s, interacting with your group, DMC. (Castillo Tours recommended ) Tel 787-889-3274 Cel 787-413-0100 Fax 787-889-5442 HC 2Box 4047 Playa Fortuna, Luquillo, P.R.00773-9717

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